Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving Poetry

This week I have been reading poems from the book Giving Thanks: Poems, prayers, and praise songs of thanksgiving edited and with reflection by Katherine Paterson, Illustrated by Pamela Dalton.
Giving Thanks: Poems, prayers, and praise songs of Thanksgiving

I have found comfort in these poems. And I'm sharing them all over, because I think everyone is looking for encouragement, love and comfort right now.  I'm reminded of my Grandpa, who would sometimes prepare a Thanksgiving prayer for our Grace at dinner time. I thought it was sweet and I mean this only affectionately, but.....a tad insufferable. I see that there is a part of him, passed down to me. And I see how our loved ones remain with us in a very concrete way. I see how he lives on in me and what I leave behind will create a wave that will continue on forever.

Happy Thanksgiving, My Dear Ones. Thank you for putting up with me. I hope you enjoy the poems, and your holiday, and this wonderful, miraculous, terrible, ordinary life we are all living together.


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  1. I miss Orville too. Though I'm glad I wasn't there for the judgmental side of his personality.